A residence chef is likely viral after sharing the alleged ideal way to cook broccoli.

A TikToker named Stephanie (@steph2302) posted the hack in early April. Her “crazy” trick is drawing praise and criticism in equivalent measures — with some indicating it’s a main time-saver although other people are arguing that it’s considerably less wholesome than other strategies.

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It is just the hottest in a lengthy line of TikTok cooking hacks to spark related debates. Not too long ago, a meal prep organization proprietor went viral after sharing his system for chopping bell peppers. Prior to that, a person shared her idea for baking “perfectly round” cookies.

Stephanie’s lifetime hack is basic. In accordance to her video, she cooks broccoli by boiling the head upside-down within a pot.

The trick is seemingly convenient for the reason that it cooks all of the broccoli immediately at when — and will make it easy to lower ahead of serving. The broccoli in Stephanie’s movie seems to be so tender that she’s ready to cut it with the dull end of a fork.

A lot of people praised the suggestions.

“You just modified my lifestyle,” just one commenter wrote.

“I think this is a outstanding strategy, much less mess!” a different agreed. “I’m going to test it subsequent time.”

Some others were far a lot more vital. Some end users were being puzzled as to why Stephanie doesn’t cook the stems, though other individuals claimed her broccoli was “overcooked.”

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“The stem is the finest bit,” just one person argued.

“When you boil it all the goodness goes into the h2o, it is ideal to steam it,” another additional.

“So overcooked,” a further agreed.

When it is a issue of desire irrespective of whether you’re #TeamStem or #TeamNoStem, there is some evidence at the rear of the promises that Stephanie’s hack is much less healthy. As a single nutritionist advised Information.com.au, there are more healthy approaches to cook dinner the vegetable.

“If you have boiled broccoli that comfortable that you can cut it with a fork, you have certainly boiled out a bunch of vitamins like natural vitamins E, K, calcium and polyphenols, also,” nutritionist Lyndi Cohen told the site.

Cohen proposed blanching, baking or stir-frying broccoli, in get to preserve its nutrition. A lot of TikTok commenters seemed to echo that assistance.

“The stem, when it is stir-fried in garlic and good herbs and stuff, is the Most effective,” one person wrote.

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