Pairing food with the right drink has been a tradition for centuries, with wine taking center stage. With the right pairing, the eating experience is elevated, with some flavor profiles seeping through in a way they wouldn’t have otherwise. There is a reason many chefs put on pairing events for customers to experience the best of their culinary skills!

You might wonder, what are the best food and drink pairings? For those who want to enjoy a unique pairing experience from home, it’s essential to know what foods work well with what drinks. Pair any of the following, and your tastebuds are sure to be delighted.

Chocolate and Beer

While wine is most traditional for pairing, beer also has its place, especially with chocolate eating. Beer works well with chocolate as it acts as a great palate cleanser. Plus, the sweet yet bitter flavor of beer allows the intricate flavors of the chocolate to shine through. Generally, you want to choose a stout beer for this to work the best.

Keep in mind that high-quality beer and chocolate are essential. The next time you get some beer and chocolate for a great pairing experience, consider mozartkugel chocolate. It is an Austrian chocolate named after Mozart, which might give you all the information you need! This high-quality chocolate comes in small pieces, providing the perfect mouthful between sips of beer. As well as beer, it also works fabulously with coffee!

In addition, if it’s the holiday season and you’re in the mood for some festive beer and chocolate, indulging in Christmas beers, mulled wine, and expert chocolatier-made Christmas gift chocolate – either to spoil yourself or a loved one – is a captivating experience for the tongue.

White Wine and Sea Food

White wine and seafood are a much-loved pairing for a reason. The light but tasty wine works well with the buttery, intense flavors of the sea, as it is not too overpowering. Unlike a deep red, white allows the subtle flavors to shine through. Chardonnay works exceptionally well for this.

The next time you visit a coastal town, experience the best of their seafood by ordering wine with your dish. Be sure to ask the servers what wine pairs best with each dish – they will point you in the right direction!

Red Wine and Red Meat

The unison of red wine and red meat is a delight for all tastebuds. Specifically: cured meat and beef. The sweetness and acidity of the wine compared to the fatty, salty meat makes the experience particularly enveloping. While the tastes are worlds apart, they are both intense and complement one another perfectly.

As a bonus, studies show that red wine can help the body digest red meat! So, the next time you order or cook yourself a rare fillet steak, be sure to pair it with a quality malbec.

Cheese and Wine

Cheese and wine work well because they adhere to the classic combination of acid and fat (like red wine and red meat). The strong cheese flavor will undoubtedly make an impact, but the wine is strong enough to cut through, thanks to the high levels of acid. The result is a pairing that goes down in history.

Different wines work better with certain cheeses. For example, creamy cheeses work well with dessert wines, while blue cheese and port work deliciously together.

Finding the right food pairing makes a world of difference to your eating experience. The next time you want to experience the full flavors of your food, consider the above pairings.