Pleasurable Point: Ree Drummond’s pretty initial website article was “How To Cook dinner A Steak.” Her lower of choice? The ribeye. Primary rib roasts and ribeye steaks are amongst the most treasured, beloved cuts of beef out there (just question Ladd Drummond!). Equally are gloriously rich and tender, and when they can be pricey, you definitely get what you spend for: Just a person chunk of either lower will inform you all you will need to know.

But if you might be thinking of primary rib vs. ribeye for your future spouse and children feast or cookout, you’re likely questioning what the variation is between the two. Very well, it all relies upon on how numerous people you happen to be serving, how significantly time you have, and in which you are cooking.

Ribeye steak, for 1, is so excellent that all Ree makes use of on it is seasoned salt and lemon-pepper seasoning (oh, and butter!). Ree’s Key Rib, in the meantime, is even additional of a unique occasion recipe—and it is a staple on the holiday break desk. You can’t go incorrect with either of these cuts.

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Is ribeye the identical cut as primary rib?

Though key rib is typically served in dining places as a “steak” or a slice of meat, it is usually cooked as component of a greater roast (recognized as a standing rib roast) before it truly is sliced into servings. Prime rib is an spectacular reduce of meat that is a lot easier to make than it looks—though as Ree factors out, overcooking this unique-event lower would be a tragedy of epic proportions, so arm oneself with a meat thermometer or just take the measures necessary to babysit this roast until eventually it is just suitable.

The ribeye actually will come from a key rib roast (or standing rib roast) prior to it is cooked, so a ribeye is classified as a steak. In a nutshell, prime rib often commences its journey to a fortunate plate as a roast a ribeye usually starts out as a steak. Both, having said that, occur from the identical cut of beef.


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American butchers will crack down a cow into 8 parts—or primal cuts, in butcher jargon. Equally ribeyes and key rib occur from the rib primal slice, which is found towards the forequarter of the cow, substantial on the back where by the muscle doesn’t get substantially workout, resulting in the prized fatty marbling.

Ribeye steaks and key rib (read through: standing rib roasts) are what’s recognized as the sub-primal cuts of a rib primal minimize, indicating that they are secondary cuts of meat following the cow is originally broken down. (Enjoyment truth #2: A “cowboy steak” is a bone-in ribeye with an uncovered rib bone.)

Which is better—ribeye or prime rib?

It is not so a lot that a person cut is better—or worse—than the other, it’s additional that they are cooked differently and serve various applications, even nevertheless they’re from the very same slice of beef. Ribeye steaks are best on the grill or seared on a warm forged-iron pan: They should really be cooked swiftly over immediate heat. Key rib, on the other hand, is cooked as a roast: It is really frequently seared to make a crust prior to being transferred to the oven to finish cooking bit by bit.


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Prime rib could possibly be better suited for a vacation desk with several mouths to feed and the time and treatment needed to prepare dinner it proper ribeyes are all set in minutes and are likely superior for day evening or a modest barbecue. Also keep in mind that the flavor of these cuts change rather a little bit based on the cooking approach: The slow-roasting of key rib tends to generate a more tender lower of beef, while a seared steak may perhaps charm far more to those who choose a crisp and crackly char.

Which is extra expensive—prime rib or ribeye?

Even though the remaining respond to to this query will depend on your grocery store or butcher, prime rib tends to be the cut necessitating a further pocket, if only for the reason that the remaining product or service normally feeds more than just one and might include things like a rib or upwards of 7. Even so, as a steak, ribeyes are among the the priciest of the lot thanks to their deliciously winning qualities.

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