• Genshin Impact 4.0 introduced 19 new cooking recipes to learn.
  • Using food dishes is a great way to improve combat and exploration.
  • There are several Fontaine dishes to cook within Genshin Impact.

There are several new Genshin Impact 4.0 cooking recipes available following the release of the respective version. This patch was the same that introduced the first part of Fontaine as a playable region in the Teyvat map and, with it, there has been the addition of many new local dishes for players to eat. Although they are often an afterthought, foods in Genshin Impact are a great way of buffing team members ahead of difficult fights or simply enhancing their powers to farm Domains quickly. Of course, foods are also used to rapidly restore HP in large amounts, especially when characters have taken a severe hit to their life bars.

Before being able to cook and use these foods, however, it is necessary to unlock the respective cooking recipes. There is a total of 19 new recipes in Genshin Impact 4.0’s Fontaine region, though they vary drastically in quality level and overall effects. Most of them are quite easy to obtain and require a simple purchase at the correct vendor, while others may demand leveling through Fontaine’s Reputation system. Because of how this works, unlocking some of them may take a few weeks of grinding. Nevertheless, they may just be worth it, especially considering how useful the new Fontaine foods are for underwater battles and various other activities.

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10 Fontainian Foie Gras

Genshin Impact's Fontainian Foie Gras is highlighted.

Despite the reference to one of the most cruel dishes in the real world, the Fontainian Foie Gras is a great dish to consume in Genshin Impact 4.0. When used, the food will increase all party members’ DEF stat by 200 points for 300 seconds. This makes it a fantastic choice when facing heavy-hitting boss opponents, for instance.

It is also quite easy to make: only 2x Fowl, 1x Jam, and 1x Marcotte are required. Considering how effortless it is to obtain these items and the benefits the dish itself provides, this is one of the best Fontaine foods so far. The recipe for Fontainian Foie Gras can be purchased from the vendor Sanguinetti in Hotel Debord.

9 Conch Madeleine

Genshin Impact's Conch Madeleine is highlighted.

Another cooking recipe to look out for when playing through the Genshin Impact 4.0 content is Conch Madeleine. Inspired by a delicious real-life treat, this piece of dessert also has a great gameplay effect. When consumed, it will increase the team’s Healing Bonus by 15 – 20% for 300 seconds, making healers extremely more effective on the field.

This is good for fights in which the healer is under a lot of pressure due to HP-draining mechanics, like when facing La Signora in Genshin Impact. This recipe requires 3x Bird Egg, 2x Flour, 2x Butter, and 1x Sugar, which makes it quite demanding, but it is worth the resource investment. The recipe for Conche Madeleine is sold by Arouet at Café Lucerne.

8 Fruity Duet

Genshin Impact's Fruity Duet is highlighted.

Fruity Duet is one of the new superb new cooking recipes in Genshin Impact 4.0. This drink can be obtained in Fontaine, though it does use a local specialty from Liyue. The Fruity Duet enhances the party members’ ATK stat by 194 for 300 seconds, which is ideal in scenarios where the team needs more damage output against enemies. It is, however, quite demanding when it comes to ingredients.

To produce Fruity Duet, players will need to use 1x Sunsettia, 1x Jam, 1x Qingxin, and 1x Sugar to produce. The recipe for Fruity Duet can only be acquired by claiming the reward sent by the HoYoverse team via the in-game mailbox.

7 Poisson Seafood Soup

Genshin Impact's Poisson Seafood Soup is highlighted.

Seemingly inspired by the Bouillabaisse dish in real life, the Poisson Seafood Soup is a specialty from the village of Poisson. This is one of the best new recipes in Version 4.0 merely due to the fact that it provides a substantial amount of healing, which is great for emergency HP recoveries.

By consuming the Poisson Seafood Soup in Genshin Impact, the chosen character will restore 28% of their Max HP and additionally regenerate 620 HP every 5 seconds for the next 30 seconds. To produce it, players will need 4x Fish, 2 Tomato, 2x Mint, and 2x Marcotte. The recipe for Poisson Seafood Soup can be purchased from Sanguinetti at Hotel Debord.

6 Fruity Trio

Genshin Impact's Fruity Trio is highlighted.

Contrary to the Fruity Duet, the Fruity Trio recipe is not one focused on combat, but one made for exploration in Genshin Impact. By consuming it, this small tart-like dessert will decrease Stamina consumption by climbing and sprinting for all party members by 20% for a total of 900 seconds.

A total of 2x Marcotte, 1x Bulle Fruit, 1x Jam, and 1x Bird Egg will be required to cook a Fruity Trio. This is not an overly complex dish to make, and it is great to help with the exploration of Fontaine’s land areas. The recipe for this food can be claimed after reaching rank 4 within Fontaine’s Reputation system.

5 Steak Tartare

Genshin Impact's Steak Tartare is highlighted.

Although it makes a reference to a very elegant real-life food, Genshin Impact 4.0’s interpretation of the Steak Tartare is actually quite accessible and easy to obtain. Players can unlock the recipe for this dish by reaching rank 1 in Fontaine’s Reputation system, which means completing a few main story quests and exploring the region should be enough.

Even though its recipe is easily obtainable, it is a great food to consume. Steak Tartare is an HP-restoring dish. Using it on a single character will see their Max HP restored by 30 – 34%, with an extra 600 -1,900 HP. Like the Poisson Seafood Soup, this is great emergency food. It requires 3x Raw Meat, 3x Bird Egg, 2x Onion, and 2x Marcotte to cook.

4 Lasagna

Genshin Impact's Lasagna is highlighted.

Another dish with similar properties is the Lasagna. This food was introduced with Version 4.0 and recreates the popular and classic Italian dish. Consuming it will have the chosen character see their Max HP restored by 30 – 34%, with an additional 600 -1,900 HP. Its effects are exactly the same as those of the Steak Tartare. What makes it different is its set of ingredients.

To cook Lasagna in Genshin Impact, players will need 3x Flour, 2x Raw Meat, 2x Cheese, and 1x Butter. Depending on the available resources, this may be easier or more difficult to cook than Steak Tartare. Nevertheless, it is a great alternative if Onion or Marcotte are not available, for instance. The recipe for Lasagna can be bought from Sanguinetti in Hotel Debord.

3 Fish and Chips

Genshin Impact's Fish and Chips dish is highlighted.

Making a reference to the slight English inspiration in Fontaine, the Fish and Chips dish in Genshin Impact 4.0 is a solid option to carry around in bunches, especially when the task at hand is climbing a tall mountainside. By consuming the food, the player will immediately recover 85 Stamina points, which can get them out of a tough spot mid-exploration.

The recipe for Fish and Chips in Genshin Impact can be purchased from a vendor called Louis, the Snack Shop Manager, who is located in the Vasari Passage in Court of Fontaine. After unlocking it, players will need 3x Fish, 3x Flour, 3 Potato, and 1x Salt to cook it.

2 Pate de Fruit

Genshin Impact's Pate de Fruit is highlighted.

Another recipe that can be acquired from Louis in the Vasari Passage is the Pate de Fruit. This dessert dish resembles crystalized fruits and, when consumed, it increases all party members’ CRIT Rate stat by 15% for 300 seconds. This is an ATK-boosting dish in Genshin Impact 4.0 and one of the best at it.

Even though the benefits of the Pate de Fruit are excellent, it is not a dish that demands too many ingredients. To cook it, players will need 1x Bulle Fruit, 1x Jam, and 1x Sugar – though Jam and Sugar are limited to processing or purchasing from specific vendors, they are easily acquirable.

1 Vessie Chicken

Genshin Impact's Vessie Chicken is highlighted.

Vessie Chicken is, possibly, the best cooking recipe in all of Genshin Impact 4.0. This is mainly due to its rating as a 4-star dish. Nevertheless, the effects it provides to live up to its reputation. When consumed, the Vessie Chicken offers all party members a 35% boost to Physical DMG and an 8% increase in CRIT Rate for 300 seconds. This is a spectacular dish for Physical DPS characters like Eula or Freminet in Genshin Impact.

To offset its great properties, cooking it can be quite difficult: Vessie Chicken requires 4x Fowl, 4x Raw Meat, 3x Marcotte, and 2x Fermented Juice. Most ingredients are easy to obtain, but Fermented Juice needs to be purchased from Boucicaut in the Vasari Passage. The recipe for Vessie Chicken in Genshin Impact 4.0 can be acquired upon reaching rank 7 in Fontaine’s Reputation system.